Hà Anh Tuấn



Hà Anh Tuấn

Sáng tác: Đang cập nhật

Thể loại: Việt Nam, Nhạc Trẻ

Lời bài hát Bartender

Verse 1
It’s almost 10 o’clock, the crowd build up
It’s gonna be a good night
Everybody is in the mood, it’s gonna be all good
...Yeah this feels all right
I’m standing behind the bar
Party, people arrive in their cars
All ladies come to me, and they all ask me

Bartender, please fill me up
Fill me up (6x)
Bartender, please fill me up
Fill me up (6x)
Please give me another shot

Verse 2
All the people are having fun, the party has just begun
We are gonna dance till the morning light
Girls are so sexy, everybody getting tipsy
Its getting hot in here

It’s already getting late
But i don’t care coz i feel great
All the ladies come to me and they all ask me

I’m pouring out my love for you my baby
I cant stop giving you my juice oh lady

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