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Cant Take My Eyes Off You


Nguyễn Thắng

Sáng tác: Nhạc Ngoại Lời Việt

Thể loại: Việt Nam, Nhạc Trẻ, Nhạc Trữ Tình

Lời bài hát Cant Take My Eyes Off You

I Can't Take My Eyes Off You Troy:Ya never know what youre gonna feel, ohYa never see it comin suddenly its realGabriella:Oh, never even crossed my mind, noThat I would ever end up here tonightBoth:All things changeWhen you dont expect them toNo one knowsWhat the futures gonna doI never even noticedThat youve been there all alongChorusTroy & Gabriella:I cant take my eyes off of youI know you feel the same way too, yeahI cant take my eyes off of youAll it took . . . Was one lookFor a dream come trueRyan:Yeah, we got a good thing goin onSharpay:Oh, right here is right where we belongBoth:You never really know what you might findNow all I see is you and IYoure everything I never knewThat Ive been looking forChorusRyan & SharpayAll:Cant take my eyes off of youOh, oh, oh yeahSo let the music playCant take my eyes off of youYeah, the feelings getting strongerAnd I never ever felt this wayAlright, I see everythingIn your eyes. . . Oh yeahAlright, somethings happeningCause everyones around butYoure the only one I seeChorusI cant take my eyes off of youFeelings like I never knewI cant take my eyes off of youFrom the start. . . Got my heartYeah, you doCant take my eyes off you

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