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Donde Voy (齐豫)


Tề Dự

Sáng tác: Đang cập nhật

Thể loại: Hoa Ngữ

Lời bài hát Donde Voy (齐豫)

All alone I have started my journey
to the darkness of darkness I go
With a reason I stopped for a moment
In this world full of pleasure So frail
town after town on I travel
pass through faces I know and Know not
like a bird in flight sometimes I topple
time and time again Just farewells
Donde voy donde voy
day by day my story unfolds
Solo estoy Solo estoy all alone as day I was born

till your eyes rest in mine I shall wander
no more darkness I know and know not
for Your Sweetness I traded my freedom
not knowing a farewell awaits
You know hearts can be repeatedly broken
making room for The harrows
I buried my tears my smile your name
donde voy Donde voy
songs of lovetales I sing of no more
solo estoy Solo estoy
once again with my shadows I roam
donde voy Donde voy
all alone as day I was born solo estoy solo estoy
Still alone with my shadows I roam

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