Em Về Tinh Khôi (English Version)



Sáng tác: Quốc Bảo

Thể loại: Việt Nam, Nhạc Trẻ

Lời bài hát Em Về Tinh Khôi (English Version)

Music & Lyric by Quốc Bảo.
Piano backing track by Vũ Thành Thịnh.

And this time you’ve gone away
I dry my eyes and smile
And this time you teared my heart I see myself a fool.
Can you be invisible
Can love be some more simple?
I miss you or try to forget your eyes forever?

Love is just the hardest thing I’ve ever done before.
Loving you seems like when I knock at the Heaven’s door
The secret of happiness and the pain of loneliness
Pray for nights in words of a broken heart.

I’ll never be the one to hurt you, babe
Never be the one come down and say,
"Just a little game for you and me, now leave me with somebody"
Never be the one to close the door
Never be the one to beg some more
Never be the one to make you cry
I’m the one to love you as the years go by.

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