Kim Tiểu Phương

Hello Vietnam


Kim Tiểu Phương

Sáng tác: Marc Lavoine & Yvan Coriat

Thể loại: Việt Nam, Nhạc Trẻ

Lời bài hát Hello Vietnam

1. Tell me all about this name
That is difficult to say
It was given me
The day I was born.

Want to know about the stories
Of the empire of old
My eyes say more of me
Than what you dare to say.

All I know of you
Is all the sights of war
A film by Coppola
The helicopter's roar.

One day I'll touch your soil
One day I'll finally know my soul
One day I'll come to you
To say: "Hello, Vietnam"
To say: "Xin chào, Vietnam".

2. Tell me all about my colour
My hair and my little feet
That have carried me
Every mile of the way.

Want to see your house, your streets
Show me all I do not know
Wooden sampans, floating markets
Light of gold.

And Buddha's made of stone watch over me
My dreams they lead me through the fields of rice
In prayer, in the light, I see my kin
I touch my tree, my roots, my begin.

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