James Blunt

I Really Want You (Nhạc Chuông)


James Blunt

Sáng tác: Đang cập nhật

Thể loại: Nhạc Chuông, Khác

Lời bài hát I Really Want You (Nhạc Chuông)

Many Prophets preach on bended knees
Many clerics wasted wine,
Do the bloody sheets and
those troubled streets
I have wasted time,

Are there silver shores on paradise?
Can I come in from the cold?
I killed a man in a far away land
My enemy untold

I really want you to really want me
But I really don’t know
if you can do that
(really want you)
I know you want to know what’s right
But I know so hard for
you to do that (really
want you)
Time's running out as it often does
And often dictates that
you can't do that (really
want you)
Fate can't break this feeling inside
That's burning up through my veins...

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