One Day



Sáng tác: Đang cập nhật

Thể loại: Âu Mỹ

Lời bài hát One Day

(One day, one day, one day)

1. They're not gonna keep me down
They're not gonna shut me out
They're gonna do what they do, I do me
I'm moving against the crowd
I'm drowning out, way down
They're gonna do what they do
I do something original
Be unforgettable
They gonna know my name.

[Chorus 1:]
(One day) I'll make you a believer
(One day) I got this all I need is
(One day) Don't try to tell me I can't (tell me I can't)
(And now) I'm a light in the future
(Watch out) Wont stop I'm a mover
(One day) You're gonna know who I am
I will fly high and free
It's my fate wait and see one day.

2. I've been afraid before
To reach for something more
But now I see that it's mine, I'll take it
Just go ahead and try,
You're not gonna change my mind
There's no such thing as too late

[Chorus 1]

I on a mission, no longer listening
To anyone that says don't try
Sometimes you feel it, deep in your spirit
It's like a fire that won't die.

(One day) Wait and see
(One day) Oooh
(One day) Just wait and see.


* One day, one day
One day, one day, one day.

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