Say Hello To Goodbye



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Lời bài hát Say Hello To Goodbye

Say Hello To Goodbye
Hey stranger, how you've been ?
Feels like I'm standing on the outside looking in
At the mess we left behind
And it's a long way to fall
I gave you everything I had
I gave it all
And then my heart was on the line
I can't hate you
Any longer
I know I'm gonna miss you
I'll forget it and let it go
Say hello to goodbye
Cause it's gone forever
No more try
You and I
Not now, not ever
And I'll get by without you
I'm not going back again
I'm not going to lie to you
Cause that was there and only then
Say hello
And this is how it has to be
Cause it's a deadly combination, you and me
You know it's undeniable
Even though we tried it all
We brought the worst out in each other
I recall
We can't act it anymore
What doesn't kill you
It makes you stronger
And though I'm gonna miss you
I'll forget it and let you go
It's gone forever
'Cause that was there and only then.
And even though the tears will dry
I can't completely disconnect
Couldn't make the compromise
We didn't have a safety net
Heeey aya
Say hello, goodbye
And I'll survive without you
To goodbye
Say hello, hello

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