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Song For You


Elsa Kopf

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Song For You (Because It's The First Time OST) - Elsa Kopf

If you’re feeling lost
When you run across
Can’t you see I’m always there for you
Sincere and true

If you feel the rain
All day long again
I will go and chase the sun for you
Chase the sun for you

If you’re feeling blue
There’s something I can do
Sending butterflies and rainbows
They come, they go

If there’s in the air
A song that we used to share
It will keep me smiling down the road
Down my fading road

Sweet is my lullaby
Cold is the night
Wild is this crazy dream
Floating like a fallen, broken star

Come, come along
I will dry your tears
Now in your eyes, there’s a hope for me
Sing, sing along
Come closer to me
Now in your voice, I hear the sea

I’m at your door
You are the one I adore
You know I wait at your door

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