Such A Man



Sáng tác: Đang cập nhật

Thể loại: Hàn Quốc

Lời bài hát Such A Man


Even if you don’t say anything
The kind of guy who knows how you feel and comforts you

When it’s so hard that you get exhausted
The kind of guy who is always on your side

Even when you just gave it one glance
A guy who gives it to you as a present

Even though he’s not good-looking
A guy who with a broad chest tha you can lean on and rest

That kind of guy would be crazy to date you
Don’t you have a conscience?

If guys who aren’t so great keep coming to you
That just means you aren’t so great either

When you want to get away
The kind of guy who takes you to the ocean

Though he’s not tall and a wealthy heir
A guy who is at least 180cm and makes 60k a year

No matter what kind of nonsense you say
A guy who smiles brightly and passes over it

If I were to be that kind of guy
A guy who you can fall for at first sight

Are you high? I’d be crazy to date you
I would want to enjoy my life
If you want a prince, go to Saudi
Although the catch is, they practice polygamy

Even if you put airbags in your breasts
Even if you grow caterpillars under your eyes

There is one truth that cannot be hidden
Your face is offensive

Did you just get shot? I’d be crazy to date you
You have a conscience, don’t you?

If guys who aren’t so great keep coming to you
It’s not that you’re unlucky, it’s not that you haven’t waited enough
It’s just that you’re a bad catch

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