You Are My Everything (English Version)



Sáng tác: Đang cập nhật

Thể loại: Hàn Quốc, Nhạc Phim

Lời bài hát You Are My Everything (English Version)

When I see stars I think of you
Then I always pray foy you
And I know what my heart was made for to love you forevermore
When I feel you in my heart
Then I hear your voice from your eyes
I'll always love you
And I'm waiting for you until the end of the time
Here I am wait to you
I hope that someday you will realize
That I can see forever in your eyes
And I'm wishing my dream will come true
I am lost without you
You are my everything
Isn't it clear see
You belong with me
we are meant to be in love eternally
My love

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